Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Reclassification to motor caravan

In August we sent off the V5 log book to change the body type from panel van to Motor caravan. I had been reading a lot of information on this on the SBMCC website and over the summer it looked like it was going to be impossible for self builds to reclassify. There was something about the police not being able to tell from the outside what the van was used for. Anyway, I used the checklist that they give you (this is all on the SBMCC website somewhere), and printed out loads of photos with labels for the bed, cooker, seats, table and all the list of things you have to have to reclassify it and wrote a letter that a child could understand to make it really difficult for them to refuse us. In addition we decided to stick loads of coloured stars all over the van. This is going to make it harder to go in stealth mode, but easier to reclassify as it really looks like a camper van now. We can always take them off again if we get hassled too much. 3 weeks later we got the V5 back, and they had changed it without question! Win!

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