Living in the Van

It is now the end of July and we have nearly finished building the van (although I don't think it will ever be truly finished!). We have been living in the van for the last 2 weeks, sleeping outside friends houses in Chippenham and in random places in Bath (Victoria park, Locksbrook road industrial estate, under Solsbury hill etc). We did a car boot sale a few weeks ago and got rid of all the remaining stuff we didn't wan to keep like Cds, DVDs, books and things from the shed. We made £110 profit and got rid of everything, so that is a win. I also sold my bike on ebay for £100 (although it was only worth about £40!).
A few weeks on and I can't even remember what we used to fill a whole house with. All our things just about fit under the bed in the van now.
The only problem we have encountered is waking up in the morning and needing a wee! Sometimes quiet places become full of early morning dog walkers and it is impossible to find anywhere.

And here is Pug with his van!

We lived in the van in Bath from July until September when we finally left England. We were both working full time so we saved a lot of money (although most of this went on fixing the van!)
We only met the police once and they were very nice to us and warned us about the "boy racers smoking their pot down at the end of the track" and offered to keep an eye on the van for us while we went to the pub!